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:The Travel Assistance Committee

The Travel Assistance Committee exists to help those that would like to attend ApacheCon events, but are unable to do so for financial reasons.

Purpose and Intended Audience

The Travel Assistance committee was reformed in September 2008 with the goal of providing financial assistance to those who would otherwise be unable to attend various ApacheCon events.

Those that are thinking of applying for financial assistance should be warned that the Committee has limited finances, and as a consequence, only a few places are available. Applicants should have valid reasons for attending ApacheCon events that are of benefit to both the applicant and the ASF, and even open source as a whole.

Note, it is worth reading this entire page BEFORE applying for assistance

Application Criteria

Applications will be judged on merit, based upon details provided on their application form. The application form attempts to capture the necessary information the Committee requires to be able to make such a judgment. Bear in mind that, due to the Committee's limited resources, criteria will be aggressively applied. Just because someone does not receive assistance on this occasion does not mean that they are not worthy of assistance or that the Committee does not value their contribution to the ASF or open source in general. We would love to be able to offer support more widely, but as always, the Committee is limited by the funds available.

Those deemed by the Committee to be most in need of assistance will be notified within a week of the closing of the application period.

What is Covered

The Committee is able to provide assistance with travel (air fares or train tickets), accommodation during the conference, and conference fees. At this time, the Committee is unable to provide any funds for general living expenses during the conference itself.

Arrangements and Planning for Successful Applicants

The Committee, and the ASF itself, do not have the means to distribute funds for air fares, etc, to successful applicants who will undoubtedly be located worldwide. Therefore, travel and accommodation will be arranged and paid for directly by the ASF or its appointed agents.

How to apply for travel assistance

Complete the on line application and if not already done so, create an account by clicking on the 'Register' link. Once logged in proceed to answer all questions as fully as possible. Note that you do not need to answer all questions in the same session, you can keep coming back until complete.

Ensure that you specify which event you are applying for. Preference is generally given to those that apply to attend an event nearest their home location. In other words, those in Europe or Asia would fair better applying an ApacheCon EU or Asia event when they next come round.

However, compelling reasons to go to an event further away than your nearest ApacheCon location will be considered in full.

Only those applications that are successful will receive a reply, those that have not heard back within one week of the application closing date should assume that they did not qualify on this occasion, but you are welcome to email [email protected] for confirmation if you wish. No reasons for denying an application will be given, but you may assume that others were considered to have a greater need on this occasion.

To apply, please complete the on line application.

Events for which Support is Available

ApacheCon North America, Las Vegas Nevada, 9th - 12th September 2019

ApacheCon North America in 2019 will take place in Las Vegas Nevada USA. The conference will run from the 9th - 12th September 2019.

If you are planning on applying for financial assistance for Las Vegas, please plan on attending all days.

Also note, that in return for financial assistance, we do ask that you perform some duties whilst at the event, recording sessions, introducing speakers and some other stuff - but do not worry, you will still have plenty of time to attend talks that interest you, get to see the sights of Las Vegas, get to meet people from your projects and other folks you have been communicating with.

To find out more on this and future events, please see apachecon.com/.

To apply for assistance with attending ApacheCon, please complete the on line application.

Note for those needing passports for travel to Las Vegas USA, your passport will need to be valid for at least six months AFTER the event has finished. We would recommend that all applications start to investigate now what procedures and forms you will need. If you are a non-US citizen you will likely need a Visa or an ESTA.

If you are accepted, there will be a fairly short window in which we'll be booking flights, and we will only ticket for people who hold a valid passport and visa, so please ensure you'll be ready for this!

Also please note that Travel Insurance (which includes Medical cover for those traveling overseas) must be obtained.

Stories of past TAC Recipients

Are you thinking of applying for TAC funding, but wondering how it works? Wondering how it might apply for someone like yourself? Wondering if it might be relevant? Curious to know how others found it?

To help you with this, we've put together stories from past TAC recipients, of their experiences both with TAC and with ApacheCon itself. You can view these on the TAC Stories pages, where they're broken down by project area, applicant background and the like. Take a look around!.

Who are TAC?

Please see our official committee listing

Past Events

Participants attending the following events have received support from the Travel Assistance Committee:

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