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Celebrating 20 years of community-led development "The Apache Way"

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The Apache Software Foundation could not exist without the continued generous support from the community. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring the ASF, please read our sponsorship page.

:Platinum Sponsors:

Gold Sponsors:

Silver Sponsors:

Bronze Sponsors:

Targeted Sponsors

ASF Targeted Sponsors provide the Foundation with contributions for specific activities or programs, such as donating cloud services, funding a project hackathon, providing legal services, offering a community member benefit, underwriting expenses for ApacheCon, or something entirely new. It's the Apache way of recognizing the sponsors that we rely on every day outside of and often in addition to funding our general operations.

Targeted Platinum Sponsors:

Targeted Gold Sponsors:

Targeted Silver Sponsors:

Targeted Bronze Sponsors:

Individual Donations

The Apache Software Foundation receives many smaller donations from individuals. More details are available on our contribution page.

We would like to thank all of our individual donors for their support of our work, and for their willingness to contribute with only this as recognition for their generosity.


And a gigantic thank you to all the ASF mirrors around the world that help deliver Apache software at no charge!

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