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:About us

全讯彩票登录 www.pvadw.icu The ASF does not have offices or buildings, it's an intangible entity that exists only on the internet. Its only physical existence is the technical infrastructure that enables it to operate.

The ASF Infrastructure is primarily composed of the following services:

The Infrastructure team is responsible for the management and day-to-day system administration and operation of the various hardware that runs the above services. They are also responsible for approving the installation of a new system or software on the ASF machines.

We deploy in production a number of Apache softwares, including HTTP Server (httpd), Subversion, SpamAssassin, Tomcat, Traffic Server, mod_perl, RAT (incubating), Gump and Continuum, Steve, mod_mbox, Pulse and Orthrus (see labs), Solr, Directory Studio, a selection of in-house projects (including the committers index and the committers URL Shortener), and the Apache CMS.

Below is a list of pointers to information on the services provided by Infrastructure:

Infrastructure details

Machines and Services

Internal services

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